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Clear coat problem

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  • Clear coat problem

    Ive been using the hobby gun for a lotta pieces and parts and I am now starting to try clear over a color. After the first coat of a standard color is cured I try to spray clear and not enough sticks to coat the part. I thought up two reasons. One, the gun is too weak to charge the clear enough to stick because of the thickness of the first coat, and two, not a good ground but I checked that. Also I tried spraying when the part was hot and that worked pretty good, but I want to be able to do it the other way.

    If anyone is not having this problem or if you can help me that would be great,


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    The clear can be a bit of a pain. Try useing more air and creating a fog over the part. There is less attraction on the second coat so direct spraying can cause more problems than good.With the fogging the clear attracts nicely.


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      I always spray second and third coats at 150 deg never had any problems .


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        I've also spayed the clear and second coats at around 140 - 160 with out any problems..

        Jim S..
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