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NEED advice on aluminum triple clamps

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  • NEED advice on aluminum triple clamps

    Im getting ready to powder coat my triple clamps of my honda 1988 XR600R dirtbike and need some advice. I took a closer look at the clamp and asses that the clamps are made from some type of aluminum(don't know what kind) and that they are probably stock(from the factory). My problem is that I'm worried about heating them up to the 400F curing temp and compermising the strength. I've already look at some explanations in the forum about aluminum powder coating. Mostly it seems that T-6 6061 aluminum is the real problem maker when heated. Does any one know what type of aluminum I might be working with here? If not is there any good procedures to follow to lower the chance of the clamps lossing strength upon curing (such as cooling, temp,etc.)? Thanks

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    I have not powdered any clamps yet but have done about everything else on dirt bikes. swing arms, jugs, motor, sprockets, brake disk and soon the forks. and i ride my bike hard and the swing arm is still fine. i would think it will be fine to do the clamps.


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      I powder triple clamps all the time with no negative customer feedback.


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        I just did my KZ900 upper with no problems at all... I have also done a few aluminum air intake tubes for cars.. they are thin wall tube and didn't have any trouble at all.
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          Thanks guys for the advice! I much more confidant now that the triple clamps will turn out fine.