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here is the perfect hobby setup ... !!!

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  • here is the perfect hobby setup ... !!!

    well now that i had time to pout.. i am back. and here are a few pic's that i should of posted a while ago .. this is a hobby shop powder coat setup..

    seeing how all my cash go's here !!!!

    here is my watch deer and some powder coating stuff:

    (caught the deer eating out of the garden )

    well here is the tour!!!
    hand build blasting box!!!

    Fresh air supply ( it is out of old fart's oxgen setup )

    the heart of the shop:

    4 hp compressor ,buffer ,tools , and a old tire machine where you are the motor....

    Now to the rear of the hobby shop!!!

    (no it dose not leak)

    the powder both( foil coated foam board and it ground and collects the powder)

    Now for the oven( b-b-q ) yep cook hot dog's and powder at the same time with a shelf that will warm the coffe :

    well let's see the power supply for this little shop:

    16hp genny 10000 watt's ( i run this place a 220 stove and a little light's)

    Now for that part that i cured ... super mirror red with metal flake added to it ... :

    And comments or request for a hotdog and coffe has to be made here.....
    not bad for getting flooded

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    I coming down for a few dogs next month. I want them loaded w/the works. But if your cooking them w/the parts just load up the up and i'll take em raw.
    Nice set-up for all that stuff in a small space.
    You put some nice quality stuff out.


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      that is all a temp setup .. my good stuff is in storage the hole for the footer is getting dug this week .. and all the building's i have junk in are almost down .. the house seeing how it was a total lost . i donated it to the local firedeptment to burn down .. now after all that i am having a 12' wall build around the creekbank to keep it out of my yard and house ....when is is all done come on down !!!!!


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        Chuck, glad to see you are up and running.One note avoid gassy foods when headed to the shop.


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          that is a temp setup .. i don't want to get it to nice just to burn it down when the new shop is finshed .. or i just may leave up and store my quad in it ..


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            It looks as though the lawn car survived the flood.Can't wait till you get back to that project.


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              that is funny you said that .. i have half of it sand blasted and i need to do that part open air style it will not fit in my box


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                same valve cover off the b b q and on the car :

                supper mirror red with large metal flake .. (this pic was taken at night)