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AirCraft Remover a little FYI

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  • AirCraft Remover a little FYI

    Some may know this others may not but you have 2 version of the product on the market,
    1st is AirCraft Remover LOW ODOR
    2nd AirCraft Remover (with out the Low odor.)
    The 2nd is what you want Low Odor means they replaced the real working Chem. Yes for removing plan everyday paint it may work great, but for powder coat removal good luck...
    If you use #2 USE IN A VERY WELL VENTED AREA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The frame I've been having a issue with cleaned up with in a few hours of using #2 and I used a whole gallon of #1 and well lets say it looked the same..
    So just a FYI and Caswell if you sell #1 please start stocking #2....
    Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.

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    Zip Paint Remover works great as well. Got it from local Ace Hardware store, lifts the powder coating in minutes.


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      Caswell sell's Paint Stripper ...


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        Fast and dirty.carb cleaner...or if the part will take the heat run it up 500f +...
        Pro-Tech Powder Coating
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        Gold Beach,Oregon