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  • Cerakote Exotic Color Coatings

    Has anyone used the Cerakote Exotic Color coatings? I've read the info page on the Caswell site and it is unclear to me whether or not this product is a true (or perhaps a better word would be "traditional") power coat. I don't see anything in the instructions about baking the product once applied. It says that "Parts will be tack free after approximately 35 minutes." which to me sounds like some sort of paint. Is this product a liquid or a powder?

    Aside from the details of what it is and how it is applied, has anyone used it? I am considering if for an auto restoration for some valve covers, specifically a set of valve covers on a 1600 cc VW aircooled engine. They probably run somewhat hotter than watercooled engine valve covers but I think they should stay under the 800 ºF rating of this product.

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide.


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    they are paint like not powder and they air dry in a few minutes to the touch and cure in 4 days
    I ussually leave them hanging for 4 days


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      Thanks for the info. You sound like you've got some reasonable experience using this product. Have you been satisfied with the results? What do you think of the quality of the surface finish and how does it hold up under heat? Given my application (finishing a set of valve covers) does this product produce a good balance of looks and durability or would I be better off with a traditional power coat product? I'm pretty new to power coating so I appreciate the chance to learn from other's experience.

      Thanks again.


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        if the part is under a constant high heat you will end with a matte finish in a few weeks if the part dosen't take any heat the part will remain the same for a long time
        also if you don't do a good prep it will peel off under heat
        but other that that the colors are great and the parts will amaze you
        cerakote also has a clear that goes over the colors and give them a glass look that you simply won't belive but caswell doesn't carry them.

        for valve covers I prefer powder coatings you can do so many things with powder coatings and it will remain the same for a very long time
        I have some valve covers that I did almost 2 years ago and still look great. but if you say the cover will get to 800 powder coating will not work for you .


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          OMG! that stuff is pricey!!!! looks sweet.