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The Orange Returns.

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  • The Orange Returns.

    Well left for a nice 3 day weekend and returned to The Orange Color again.
    So back to stripping and cleaning again. Will post and update when done and I hope for the last time...
    Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.

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    now that's going to take a few hours to strip down.


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      Powder coat the darn thing in ORANGE After doing this frame as many times as you have, I'd be ready to change the color!


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        I'm about ready to Melt down the frame and have them build a new one... Talked with the supplier of the Yellow today and they say Oh it must be a reaction to the white I'm using since it is not there white !!! Come on give me a break !! But if this does not work this time the new color will be Pycho Lime.
        The up side is I've become real good a stripping down these frames ..
        Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.


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          then share with us YOUR method of removing PC>.. what do YOU find the easiest?? Aircraft remover??


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            I posted another topic about Aircraft Remover, there are 2 versions of the product. The 1 you buy from Auto Stores is the formula of Low Odor, the other I buy from my Auto Paint Supply House just straight AirCraft Remover ( does not say Low Odor). This seems to work the best. I apply the remover very heavy and wrap in plastic wrap and let sit for a few hours. Then peel the wrap and hit with a pressure washer and if need be apply remover 1 more time for touch ups. Now because of the water you will need to media blast the part to remove the rust.
            Jim Shuster
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