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Need to remove powdercoat finish. Please help

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  • Need to remove powdercoat finish. Please help

    I am trying to remove a powdercoat finish that is on a very expensive rifle. Don't ask, I did not do it. I bought it that way. It has an aluminum receiver that has the coating on it. What is the best way to remove the finish while not hurting the metal. I don't have access to a sand blaster but I do have a parts cleaner and air compressor. (Don't know if that helps) Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Try some Aircraft paint remover from any Auto Zone or Walmart.
    Make sure you buy the brush on remover.

    Stripping the coat takes some time, but you will be able to do it if you let it sit and use the power washer to remove the bubbled up coating, if cured properly you can simply peel it off the part.


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      Mike get if from a Auto Paint Supply house, this was you will get the better of the 2 products. The one you buy at Walmart or the auto store will be Low Odor and takes for ever to work, the one from the Piant supply will be the better of the 2 cost about 30.00 gallon.. But well worth it..
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        I will be stopping by a place today that sells the non-low odor paint stripper.

        Should I just place the aluminum receiver in a container with the paint stripper and let it sit or should I agitate the solution around it?



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          I'd get in touch with the gun maker and find out what alloy the
          receiver is made of... cooking the wrong alloy could cause disastrous results with a gun receiver.
          Better safe than sorry