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Oven venting?

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  • Oven venting?

    In the process of building my oven, I am looking for suggestions as to how to vent it. I have seen a lot of ovens built without vents and was wondering if it is really necessary other than to expel the fumes.


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    Very few ovens are built with no vents.They are usually a pair of simple holes in discrete places.One hole in top corner and the other hole in the opposite bottom corner.This causes a slight draft through the oven to assist with circulation.Also this allows the air in the oven to expand and contract.Take a look at your household oven.Look under one of the rear burners.


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      I am using parts from an old oven installed in a larger "box" for my oven. The donor was a built in and there was a 1 1/2" vent tube in the top. I am going to incorporate that into mine. I have had trouble a couple times with fumes (like when burning off paint) so I am going to mount a collector above the vent and it will go to an exaust fan.