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    I am new to powder coating and if I'm going to start powdercoating, I want to do it right. I was wonder if I could "gut" conventional electric ovens and use their parts (I would take into account how much space it would need to heat, so I would use the guts from like 3 oven to make my one oven. I can get them cheap off ebay and locally. Then could I just use my own oven shell I made to be the appriate size. I wanted a 3x3x4 or a 4x4x6 oven for motorcycle frames and atomotive things. Will it get hott enough, will 450F do the trick? Sorry to ask all these questions, but I saw Vipers oven's and his parts list and its to pricey for me and I need a cheper way

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    That is exactly what I am doing. Put out the word and in a month or so you will have ovens coming out your ears. I am using all salvaged parts. Built the box and then transferring over parts.

    One thing you might also do if you have the space is to just use one oven as is. You can learn on the smaller oven then progress to bigger and better.


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      Here is a link to another oven construction website. He used salvaged oven parts in his construction and just manufactured his own box. You could also use my design and use salvaged oven parts for the guts. I just chose to go with all new parts. You will also find some more inexpensive oven ideas built by members of this forum in past posts. Just do a search.



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        first oven I build
        was made out of an old aluminum emegency cabinet of an abandoned hospital it measured 5' high x 3'deep x 6'wide
        I used 5 2500 elements and thermostat from old stoves and bought the contactor from ebay
        used 2" kanuf for insulation
        and it heated up to 600 in less than 10 minutes
        and I spend around $300


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          OK, I still don't quite understand how and oven works, This is my understanding, The contactor turns on the heat elements, the thermostat controls the contactor. And how much does an element draw? Per number of elements how manys amps should my contactor be rated for. I understand the vent, thing but what about a Fan? Necessary? I'm 16, but im pretty handy as far as building things, so I'm ready to get building and I want all the tips. Thanks So much for answering all my noob questions.


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            let say you have 4 elements of 3000 watts
            3000 x 4 = 12000 watts
            now if you want to use 240 volts
            divide your watts by volts
            12000 / 240 =50 amp
            your contactor need to be bigger than 50 amps
            I gave mine a 10 amp bigger size

            I don't have a fan in my vent
            and haven't had any problems