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  • Wiring 101 :)

    Ok with a few of you just starting and asking about building your own ovens and how to wire them.

    Relays come in many styles 120/24 Volts, 240/24volts, 240/120 Volts, 480/24 Volts, 480/240 Volts.

    Most of the ones used here are 240/120 Volts or 240/24 Volts. The second number is the Voltage of the relay Not the main input voltage. So if your using a 240/24 Volt relay you will need a 24 Volt transformer to turn this relay on.

    Now in my photograph ( This is rough wiring all this wiring and controls will be placed back in a case and emt conduit ) you must do the same!!!!!
    You will notice the 120 Volts top right this is controling my internal light and 24 Volt Transformer, notice 24 Volts comes from trans to Oven Thermastat.
    Most oven therms are either 24 Volt or 120, Not 240 so do not run 240 thru your T-stat. Now 24 volts goes over to my relay. So when the t-stat calls for temp it supplies 24 volts to the relays pulling in the 240 side and making contact causing power to your heating elements. Now as for the contacter there is no in/out 2 terminals side by side are 240 in and other side is 240 out. I have never seen one yet that say laod side and power side. The 2 orange wires running down the wall will be going to my elements. The orange wiring running from the top of the relays is power from my service panel with a disconnect just out of view in this image you must have away to turn off the 240 coming into the relays also. Be it a pull type disconnect or a 2 Pole switch.
    Any questions ?

    Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.

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    I see a fire hazard... i am trying to located 2 110 oven elments


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      What fire hazard ? Like I said it all belongs in conduit and metal box's. Like it is now. Very well protected.
      Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.


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        Re: Wiring 101

        Nice work Jim!
        Thanks for posting this valuable info!
        Bob Greene


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          Re: Wiring 101

          What photograph?