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  • wheels

    i have some old steel wheels and i'm having trouble getting the powder to stick in the hard to reach spots , cracks , corners . help please, i was wondring if there is something wrong with my caswell pc stuff , thanks jamey

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    This is normal to happen in corners and crevasses. As you are spraying try letting off the power button and filling the corners. I usually let off for a few secs, then hit the button for a few. Also it is a good idea to fill the corners first, so you do not end up with excessive thickness on the rest of the part.


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      when i do wheels i to lay them flat .. but i built a lazy susan the wheel is placed on it and i spin it slowly as i am coating ..

      but as for your problem. it can be how you are grounding and the distance you are shooting at. you can take an eye bolt put it in the valve hole ( dont worry about the nut ) attach you ground to the end and you should have proper ground ... then fog the wheel you want to get around 2-3 mil of powder on it ... i notices it you shoot it light the powder shrinks as it is cooling .. and the lightly coated areas show