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    I am very serious about being able to powder coat my own stuff but am un sure of what are the basic items needed and what it might cost to get started. I don't want to buy a bunch of cheap stuff that ain't going to work but I also don't want to go broke either. Any and all coment would be greatly appreciated.


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    I am doing the same thing. I bought a gun like on caswell and for now using a toaster oven until the small oven I ordered gets in. I am also looking into building a booth. Did a few pieces the other day for the first time and came out great.


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      You will need the powder coat kit, an air compressor, a spray booth of some sort, an electric oven (pick up a used kitchen stove - DO NOT use the one in your kitchen) and some way to clean and prepare the pieces for powder coat. The best way to clean the parts is to degrease them first and then media blast them. All of the old paint needs to be completely removed. Use the search function on the forum and you can get some tips for building a spray booth and blasting cabinet yourself. I hope this helps you some. If you have any more questions just post them and someone will chip in and answer.

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        Tinbender pretty much covered what you will need. Look through the archived posts and you will find mounds and mounds of information about first time coatings. Welcome to the forum.