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Oven Smoking?

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  • Oven Smoking?

    Just fired up my new oven for the first time and after it got to 200 degrees it started to smoke heavily. The sheet metal that I used had a slight coating of oil on them when I purchased them. I wiped them down with acetone before assembly. Could there possibly have been some coating left on them or do new heating elements smoke when used for the first time. After I shut it off, I noticed that there was fine black soot on the interior surfaces. Is this a common situation when firing a oven for the first time?


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    Everytime we built a new owen, one grows out of it really fast, hehe, the first times has been to burn all contamination out of it. Theres always some residue from sheetmetal and elements when starting it for the first time. Our owen is designed for 400 degress celcius since we coat cheramic coating in it too, and an hours at full effect seems to burn out all excess stuff out of it.

    Just burn it at full power for an hour, let it cool, and then clean out all the dust and stuff in there, use no cleaning liquids, just a brush and/or a vaccumcleaner.
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      Thanks for the info. I will fire it up again tonight and run it until it burns everything off.