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Aluminum wheels problem

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  • Aluminum wheels problem

    Hi all....

    I got a set of aluminum wheels that are pretty worn and needs pc. But, i got a huge problem with getting the old paint off. I dont think they are powder coated, the paint is like gum and no chemical stripper does much more than soften it up a bit, blasting is just a waste of time, at least in my cabinet and we use a device similar to this combined with a cabinet:

    Even tried to heat the wheels, dont do any good.

    Any ideas? Thinking of just sanding them down and pc right over the old paint....
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    i just did some camero wheels with the same prob, I stuck them in the oven at 500 and baked the **** thing though these were steel wheels....i dont think it would hurt the alum wheels but you may want to check around a bit first.

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      steel shot will clean them right up .. i had the same problem blademan had .. took them down to the machine shop and they to care them for $10 buck each .... i use one of them blaster when i am cleaning frames to coat .. they work great ... i built a 12 ' by 18 foot plactic off area and go to town ... i got a beach to go with the water if i get flooded again


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        I have the same unit but find it has a hard time with Course media, Med and Fine are ok but Course tends to block up..
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