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How do you Promote Business ?

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  • How do you Promote Business ?

    How many of you are in this full time ? Part time?
    How do you get your work ?
    Word Of Mouth ?
    Ad's in the Newspapers?
    Business Cards ?
    Phone Book Ads ?
    As for me I do this Part time and my Full income comes from a Web Hosting Company I own.
    What business I get comes from Car Shows, Bike Shows and a Few Go-Cart Shows ( yes they do have them ). Plus word of mouth.
    Jim Shuster Sold..... Hobbie Web Hosting.

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    all of the above the radio..
    Pro-Tech Powder Coating
    93976 Ocean Way
    [email protected]
    Gold Beach,Oregon


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      i slap a big CUSTOM AND SOUND sticker on every car .. i bet is you look at the rig's on the high way you will even spot a few ..

      i got ad's flyers car clubs , dealers , walk in's , every thing ..
      my shop has been open since i was 16 and only shut down long enought for me to go swimming .. that was when i got flooded . other that that is has been open 365 days a year ..

      look for the big usexpress truck for the massive custom and sound decal on it and let me know if you spot him ... it is on the back of the cab at the top .......


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        Re: How do you promote business

        I do this fulltime. (My son & I)
        To promote... car shows, shops & clubs, motorcycle shows, shops & clubs. Hobby shops too!
        In my case since I am near the ocean & have a large boating & marine science industry nearby, boat shows, marina's & bait shops & Oceanographic Institutions (I do lot's of Ocean science gear!). I actually had to back off on advertising, as the work was coming in too fast. Now most is done "word of mouth" If you do good work, word travels fast & they will find you!
        Good Luck & Happy Holiday's