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  • Christmas

    Gonna actually shut the shop down for Christmas..gotta see if the family still looks the same...Hope all of you have the best Christmas possible..and a profitable new year !!!!!!

    Pro-Tech Powder Coating
    93976 Ocean Way
    [email protected]
    Gold Beach,Oregon

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    wayne i want to shut down for christmas but i can't right now .. i am goign to get up see what i bought the kid (i have no clue as in what i bought her. i know there is a little quad sitting in the new part of the shop that i can't wait to get it out of there. her mom went nuts i am not even allowed in one room of the house it is packed with junk .. then off to work i go ... you have a nice christmas and a better new year than last.....


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      I had intended to shut down for the last 2 weeks of december and maybe the first couple of january. Ya that was thrown out the window. I now will be working right straight through. I guess it's the price of fame.

      I hope all of you here on the forum have enjoyable holidays.
      Wayne, Chuck, --- Merry Christmas


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        entire rest of family has to work Xmas day so guess what!!! Thats right, Quiet PC time


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          dale you have a great christmas to ...... noob enjoy the free time !!!! if i can get a few hours to relax i am going to jump at it .. i am swamped and tis the season to pay the bill's.... i may spend a few hours with my kid and her new toy ...