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Illusion powder coating????

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  • Illusion powder coating????

    Does or have anyone done this yet? If so doe you cure the first coat or do you spray the first coat then change to the second coat and after both coats have been applied then you put in the oven to cure? Please let me know.


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    Ive used the pre mixed and then i bought a 1/2 once of the powder and mixed it in with several different powders ,both came out awesome...I havent mixed in with a clear coat thing though its a real pain in the butt to clean up after using anything with the illusion in it, its so fine.
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      I always mix mine into the clearcoat.It gives you a colored metallic suspended in the clear.Very cool looking.I bake first coat and then apply and bake second coat. It is a pain to clean out of the gun. I clean the gun then when spraying next color I let the gun blow into the booth for a min to help get anything out that I may have missed. The effects of this powder can be varied by simply adjusting the mix ratio and if you shoot it straight onto a base color expect the part to appear a slightly different color.


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        I only use them in clear and over black
        in other colors you loose some of the effects