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Wanting to paint turbo exhaust manifold and downpipe

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  • Wanting to paint turbo exhaust manifold and downpipe

    well like the title says... i want to do this but i have a few concerning questions...

    right now i want to do the satin black finish you guys have here...the hottest my egt's have been is this stuff usable?

    also how is the paint applied? painted on with spray can or brush?

    also my manifold and dp are both 304 alloy stainless steel...i know... i know... i dont really need to paint this, but im mostly doing it for visual reasons...and i want to know can i still apply the paint to SS.?

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    We coat a lot of turbomanifolds with Techlines Black Satin, and no problem what o ever. But be aware that the surface gets more dull after burned red. We spray it with a siliconespray after curing in the owen, cool it down to approx 70 - 80 C and sprays it, then when its in use stains and stuff dont stick to it as much.

    Its applyed with a tough up gun, but i suppose you could brush it if youre not after a smooth surface.

    No problem with stainless, just sandblast the metal before applying, dont use glass, it has to be a rough sourface to stick properly.

    Also, even if you dont need it for corrosion, you still get the benefit with less heatradiation and keeping the gastemps up for more speed.
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