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  • pro-gun

    When is the new pro-gun going to be posted. VERY curious about the new & forth coming! Are you trying to keep us in suspense? TIA

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    Tis the season

    And they've been off for the holidays (and understandably so). I'm curious to see/read what they have for the new gun myself. I wonder if they will take the old gun bought from them (still in good working order) in trade against the new one? Never hurts to ask...


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      I got a sneak peak at the new pro gun and it's worth the wait.I'll leave the details for Caswell's crew to disclose when it's released. I will say it's very high quality and is a huge step over the hobby gun.


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        pro gun

        Hey Mike (caswell) , how about throwing us a bone on the pro gun. You did say that in a few days you would be posting on the webpage back on Dec 18. Yeah I know, curiosity killed the cat.


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          Here's your sneak peak. Hopefully will be available in 2-4 weeks. If you are seriously thinking about buying one, letting us know here would help us estimate demand. Price approx $1700, but this may increase greatly once we figure out import costs.

          A small handy Table-Top(21" X 11" X 18") accommodates a Complete Powder spray system Suitable for both Corona and Tribo Guns. System comes with Corona gun. Tribo gun needs to be purchased seperately, and will not be immediately available.

          Ideal for big as well as small production runs, sampling, colour matching prior to powder batch productions and powder trials at customer’s premises.

          A handy Table-Top model with full portability and can be easily transported for powder trails or Complete production runs.

          Size: 21" X 11" X 18"
          Weight: 12 kgs 
          Input Voltage Selectable: 220V/230V/110V, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA
          Max Input Pressure:10 bar (145 PSI)
          Optimum Input Pressure:6 bar (87 PSI)
          Output Voltage: 70 or 100KV DC
          Price: TBA
          Mike Caswell
          Caswell Inc

          Need Support? Visit our online support section at


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            I've been holding off on getting a new gun cause Dale told me to wait on this one,so if its all Dale says it is I will probably go with it when its ready.BTW Dale I'll try and call later today....
            Pro-Tech Powder Coating
            93976 Ocean Way
            [email protected]
            Gold Beach,Oregon


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              I would definitely be interested in one...dependand on total cost, warranty and specs.
              I looked at one very similar..maybe the same unit. It looks like a nice piece of equipment but the only thing I questioned is when they said it needed 60PSI through the pump.
              Do you know what the working pump PSI would be on this unit?



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                I am definitely in the market for a professional gun. Is there any more information available on this one? Final price, warranty, suitability for small batch jobs will all affect my final decision. I would appreciate more information when it is available.

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                  Well if the pricing holds below $2G count me in for at least 2 maybe 3..
                  Jim Shuster
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