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baking colors together?

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  • baking colors together?

    the problem i had was i did 3 colors or red then i did a blue then i did a flo green. i baked 2 reds together then i baked a red a blue and a green together, the reds came out great but the blue had red in it and the green had red speckles. could this be because i didnt clean the gun good enough even though the green was the last color and there was no blue in it? or could it be because i baked it with the red?

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    sounds like a gun cleaning issue. If your seeing small specs of a different color, than that's a sure sign of a dirty gun. Once you think it's clean, clean it again.


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      i blew air through it and the funny thing is i did the green after the blue and all that is in it for colored specs is the red i did before the blue and no blue specs. that is why i am puzzled. how do you guys clean your caswell guns?


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        Could also be booth contamination, airborne particles falling from ceiling or racks can cause the same issue.