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  • shop vac?

    i am building a box type spray booth and i am going to be using a filter system like the one viper uses (it is under the spray booth topic) so i need a shop vac. my question is, is there a certain one i need to buy so it doesnt explode ir will it be all right because i an using a filter plus the shop vac filter?

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    The motor that I am using does not allow the dust to come in contact with the motor. Powder dust can ignite when free flowing through the air. Most people have experienced a "small" explosion when discharging the gun and the spark ignites the dust. Some people use a regular shop vac and have had no problems, but they do have explosion proof type vacuums available, but at a higher cost. That is the reason why I use an air vac when cleaning my booth, no contact with an electric motor. I have found it be safer than sorry. JMHO.



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      jim i noticed the vac you had on your booth but where could i ride that? i have never seen anything like it. it looks more like a pump than a vac


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        It is actually just a large commercial exhaust blower motor that was attached to a large tank and was used on a hard-piped vac system in a woodshop. If you are making your booth portable, you could just use a strong shop vac and just attach it to the plumbing when the booth is in use.