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Roof flashing for oven skin?

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  • Roof flashing for oven skin?

    Hi, I am new to the board and new to Powdercoating. I have been lurking and followed the lead from a few thereads and made the skeleton for my "to be" oven. My question is, I picked up roof flashing (I am going the cheap route, this will be for personal use only) and it is quite thin. I did get the steel roof flashing but was courious if it will be too thin for oven use. I used the metal studs for the frame and it will be insulated with roof flashing as skin on either side of the frame. I don't mind a little warpage as long as the oven will function. I was going to do the automotive sheet metal but it is quite expensive.

    Comments? (PS, I did a search and could not find info weather or not this would be a problem)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Roof Flashing for Oven skin

    As long as the flashing is not made or lead? It should be ok, as long as you plan to insulate, although a little thin & you do not plan to hang items from the flashing. Might want to skin the outside with fire rated sheetrock, if the structure is framed with metal studs it should be OK?


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      I plan on riveting or screwing angle iron to the metal stud portion of the structure. Again, I did this mainly due to cost. I build funiture and work on my own motorcycle so I weld up things like table lamp stands and will powder coat stuff for my motorcycle. I was gonna have a pro do the bike but the cost of doing wheels, pegs, case covers, etc.. would be more than the setup I am making (along with the Arbor Freight powdercoat gun)

      Would it really be necissary to cover the exterior with sheetrock even though I am insulating in-between the panels? I did not think the outside would get that hot.


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        Re: Roof flashing

        I only mentioned the fire rated sheet rock as a cheap alternative to covering the insulation on the outside skin of the oven. If you plan to cover the outside with flashing, you should be fine with out the sheet rock.
        Good Luck


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          Cool. Thank you for the help.