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  • Glow in the Dark

    Evening folks

    Was wondering, the glow in the dark powder, what is this? is it a clear coat

    What colour does it go? If its a clear, would it go over a blue powdercoat base? Ie, blue in the day and whatever colour at nihgt (i assume a greeny colour?)

    Just wondering if itd be any good for a giggle on a cam cover!

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    glow in the dark is an adittive you add to clear powder
    it works over any color
    but the lighter the color the better it looks and the longest it glows .


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      Thanks mate, how do you think it would look over a darker colour, such as Lollypop Blue or the Illusion Blue/Green

      ANy good? Can you tell theres the aditive in the clearcoat during daylight?

      Many thanks!


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        I've done a couple parts in lollypop blue with glow in the dark and it works fine , from all the candy colors I've done with glow in the dark the one I really didn't like was transparent red still it works but doesn't glow as much.
        during the day you won't notice the glow at all.


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          If I use this glow in the clear powder on chrome rims will it still look clear will the glow not hurt the look of the chrome rimes in the day.


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            btw if you search some of the fishing tackle suppliers you will find that there are several different colors of glow powder available, the blue is really awesome..
            Foound this site for you..
            Pro-Tech Powder Coating
            93976 Ocean Way
            [email protected]
            Gold Beach,Oregon


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              I have now tryed the glow with clear on chrome and it dulls the chrome real bad. It cost me $40. to find out what it looks like on chrome. I put a pic of it in the album.