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powder coat curing in kitchen oven?

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  • powder coat curing in kitchen oven?

    why do some people say not to do this? id really like to do my own coating and some small stuff for my friends...and i really dont want to buy an extra oven...we have a doubl decker oven, one of which we never use...would it be so bad to do it in there? why/why not? and what about cermaic coating?


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    you can use it gas or electric either will work fine
    but you can never use it for food after you have cure stuff in there


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      Every cake or pork chop you cook will taste like paint. Yummy!! Use a dedicated oven.
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        They are correct, the Fumes are not good for food. Never ever cook food in an oven used to cure PC. Get a Used $50 oven and hook it up in the garage/basement/shop


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          I have a double oven in the garage.. pre heat in the bottom and have the upper ready to go at 400deg... works great.. the fumes can get pretty nasty....
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            There are a few good places to look for a regualr, cheap oven. The first is an appliance store, especially one that hauls old one's away, when they install a new one. Another place is pick up a paper, ie: Thifty Nickel, Trader mag. etc. you will find that alot of people are dying to get rid of their old ovens. Another place is, and this one you have to go at wide both eyes open, is a recycling yard. One that takes, cans, steel metal, etc. Most cases, people will go there to dump their oven and try to get abuck or two.
            Then there is the all time cheap favorite, DRIVE. Hit all kinds of neigborhoods around your area, you'd be surprised what you can find and where.
            Hope this helps


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              hit the local dump...odds are the burner elments are shot and and thats why it was dumped..evn if its just the oven elments that are history there pretty cheap..
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                Another place I've seen with a lot of ovens being sold cheap and given away is Craig's List. It is only in bigger cities though...

                Occasional compressors and blast cabinets show up too.