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Thanks for the informative posts

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  • Blademan
    glad to hear you got the bug.........the ol deep freeze will make a good blast will also make a awesome oven....your choice....need any info or help feel free to contact me...

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  • bkoenig
    started a topic Thanks for the informative posts

    Thanks for the informative posts

    Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for all of the very informative posts, regarding powder coating. You all have successfully passed the pc bug on to me, and I got bit.
    I currently have the Casswel gun, and some powders. I am looking into and for an oven solution, (torpedo idea sounds awesome btw), and I am thinking of converting an old deep freeze to a blast cabinet. The work you guys have done and posted on this site are just plain awesome, and since I have the pc itch, I can't wait to produce some of my own.
    Thanks again