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Oven design plans need help

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  • Oven design plans need help

    Here are my oven plans that i quickly drew up. I have all the parts except for my elements wich are on back order. It is 6ft wide 4ft deep and 3ft tall. Panel costruction is 20gauge galvanized 3-5/8" thick, insulation is Roxul rht60 6# density foil backed mineral fiber rated for more than 900 degrees. I have a therm-coil temp. control, contator and 4 3100watt elements , and two small fans one on each side.
    I have a couple of more questions for you guys:

    1. As you can see in the pick i want to put a removable panel in the center.
    The idea behind this is that i would like to have a switch so i can turn off
    the two elements on one side and use only half the oven for small
    parts. Is it possible to have a switch turning off two elements?

    2. Since the therm-coil is only rated to 30 amps i will have to hook up
    a contactor. Here is the wiring diagram that came with my thermcoil
    for single phase when load exceeds rating of thermo stat. Can
    someone explain to me how to wire this up? I dont understand the
    control voltage and the line load part.

    Thanks again to all you guys for the helpful feed back

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    Your drawing is for a 3 phase contactor, but you can use it for single phase by just using 2 terminals for the Line side and the same 2 for the Load side. The Line terminals will connect to your power lines coming from the fuse or power panel. The load terminals feed the electricity to the elements. The control voltage will have to be whatever voltage the coil on the contactors is rated at. They come in different voltages - usually 24volt, 110volt or 220volt. According to your drawing, it looks like terminals 1 & 4 on the thermostat would connect to your power source and terminals 2 & 3 would connect to the coil on the contactor. That sounds clear as mud to me, but if I confused you or you have more questions, just ask.

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      And yes, it should be easy enough to wire in a switch to cut in the other two elements. Just a matter of how you wire up the system, and making sure you size the wires right for each set of wires.


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        thanks guys

        thanks timbender you cleared that right up . I'm starting construction monday ill keep you guys posted on my progress.