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  • A bit of questions!

    Well I got all my powder coating stuff, all my powder, a oven, and using my paint mask that I use to paint cars with and have a few questions before I start. Under my house there is a crawl space, it is tall enough to be basically a small shop and I don't have to actually crawl in it since it's like a basement. Only problem is that a lot of mold and moisture is in there.
    1.)I am guessing that if I will be working in there with an oven, etc that the moisture and mold won't be bad?
    2.)Since above the ceiling is a room up there in the house, will this be harmful to people that are going to be sleeping in there, etc
    3.)Does anyone have any plans to make a nice spray booth with a good ventilation, etc that will be under 200 bucks or so?
    4.)If I get a DVOM (for automotive use) and it has a lazer aimed IR temp on it, it will that be good enough to use to tell the temp of the part when curing?

    Thanks a lot for any info given. I searched about plans and all for spray booths and can't find any so far.


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    There are plans for a ventilated spray booth and oven on my website at:

    1. Only the fumes from curing the powder are harmful. They can give you an extreme headache. So you would need to have adequate ventilation for your oven.

    2. Powder is considered a nuisance dust, but can become explosive while floating around in the air.

    3. Any infrared thermometer witha temperature range up to at least 500 degrees would work.



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      Thanks for the info and plans! I looked at those before. How much did it cost to build that thing? Looks like it is out of my price range. Where can I get that vac system at too? Like I said, I have about 200 bucks to build me a spray booth and get that thermometer so really I only have 100 bucks for a booth, maybe 160. As you can tell, I am really poor and have to work in a damn crawl space under my parent's house and I am hoping to make enough money to buy me a piece of **** car so I have something to drive and can find a job because I don't think it is possible to have a business out of powder coating under my house.


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        1. You can purchase a infrared thermometer with a laser pointer that will read from -58 to +518 degrees at Sears for $49.99. They are on sale right now.

        2. The booth could be constructed for less than $100.00. You can construct it out of plywood. The only other materials that you would need is some PVC pipe, a triple-stage furnace filter and a shop vac to connect it to.

        3. Also, there are some past posts showing booths constructed from cardboard boxes and some by constructing a wooden frame and covering it with plastic sheeting.

        Just remember that you can start off small and inexpensive and work your way up. There have been people that have started hobby shops for as little as a couple hundred bucks complete.



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          Thanks man. I will look for a shop vac and get a smaller one and make this thing outta ply wood. I will look at that thermometer at Sears as well.
          Anyone got any info on me doing this under the house?

          Thanks again!