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Well this veteran would be proud of this Rip dear friend

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  • Well this veteran would be proud of this Rip dear friend

    i got a contract from the local legion seeing how i am a member i think they just wanted to make me work ...

    i got 100 of this to do they found thim in a storage shed and did not know they had them ....

    metal : bronze
    powder: bronze leaf
    prep : glass bead
    time : 40 minutes each
    was it worth it : nope but it made a nice day!!

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    Very nice job !
    Today's mighty oak was just some nut that held it's ground !


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      re: Well this veteran would be proud of this Rip dear friend

      Hey Chuck:
      What did youi charge per badge? Nice work!


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        hey chuck...knew ya couldnt stay away...howd ya hang them puppies?...btw just about got my lawn racer done...pc'd it in jack black and safty yellow...looks pretty sweet just got to get it down to the sign shop for the lettering and its off to the races...give me a shout at the shop when ya get a chance...hope your doin better...
        Pro-Tech Powder Coating
        93976 Ocean Way
        [email protected]
        Gold Beach,Oregon


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          blademan i will do that...i need to get my little racer finished it is just collecting dust right now ....

          to hang them i welded up little bent over v's kind of like a plate holder
          there were 3 on each rack. i had 5 racks in the oven at one time .. it was harder loading them than coating .......

          trsick : thanks i could not charge what i wanted seeing how the went to war for us .. i got my mat. cost back and enought for a can of soda


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            Re: "Well this veteran would be proud of this Rip dear

            Thanks Chuck:
            Nice on your part. I would like to think we all would have done it at cost for such a good cause.


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              i did not even want to charge them. they fought and died for us .. but i an doing another 100 but i am using black then cleaning the letters off


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                Real nice gesture on your part, Chuck.

                "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- WOW--What a Ride!!!" ----- Unknown