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Roofing insulation oven?

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  • customandsound
    Guest replied
    that would be me ........ yes it works for curing frames the i used a ir heater on both enda and kepted it at 400 f the only problem is you need to seal the seams good and i used nails to hold together

    i have done a conversion on it so i can put a force air heater in it .. when i did my hood and doors for my race car

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  • knightda8
    started a topic Roofing insulation oven?

    Roofing insulation oven?

    I remember awhile back there was someone who had made a "throw away" oven out of roofing insulation with the foil backing. I can't seem to find the thread anymore.

    What was the concensious on this?.... Does it work okay for a couple heat cycles? Or not at all? Has else anyone tried it?

    I am asking because I actually built one this summer and never used it... Now I need to cure a motorcycle frame and a couple other bigger parts for myself and I just can't get them to fit in my regular kitchen size oven... I am having second thoughts.

    Thanks in advance,

    --Doug Knight