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    Are the colors like translucents and need to be put on the chrome? And I see that you put the chrome in the oven to cure it. Can the colors be cured like that too or the colors need to be cured like it says up to 6-7 days.

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    I know that the Satin Black is a low gloss black. It requires a 30 min @ 450 cure or you can let air dry for 5 days. I just did my Manifolds and Exhaust pipes. will have to get pics this weekend during the day light. I let the Pipes/Mufflers air drive, baked the manifolds thought. I want to make sure they are cured since they will take most of the heat. The Chrome comes out dull and needs to be polished to that shine. Can't say about the other colors.


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      This is a Black Satin coated header:

      Its treated with silicone to get it more resistant to spots after driven, but it will look more like a matte satin surface once the silicone is burned in. Fully cured it takes one hour in 400 degrees celcius, just airdried it scratches easy when mouting. Other colors are cured in lower temp, 260 C, but do need curing, they are rather dull, so we almost never use them. The cromecoating need polishing, and the only way to get a real cromesurface is by vibration.

      All colors cover by themself, no need to have a basecoat except if you need more heat resistance....
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        I have seen it with a candy blue /red and gold but these are show car's that never hit the street i don't even think they ran them