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  • customandsound
    Guest replied
    well this is why you don't use glass bead on ceramic:

    degrease as you do
    use a silca sand( oxide)

    Why Don't Yo Use Glass Bead?

    well the glassbead gives you a semi smooth finish in the closes the pores. so with ceramic you want to open them up so the coating got a place to bite to .

    now for that chrome shine:

    i use 0000 steel wool white liquid rouge
    then i buff it with white/loose
    then i put it in the blast box with glass bead and shot it at 15-25 psi

    the steel wool knockes down all the hig spots
    the loose /white evens out the metal
    the glass bead gives you that vibratory look

    i would say you can a 90-95% shine this way

    bake 700F 1 hour let cool then go to town

    good luck

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  • jtagger19
    I made this one
    ussing only a hand buffer at 3000 RPM loose cotton wheel and white compound ( It didn't fit in my vibratory )
    for the shine I would go for 85% , ussing a vibratory I would say 90%
    they suggested not to use glass beads so I have never used it
    I use aluminum oxide or steel shot at 125-150 PSI.[/img]

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  • showroomexpress
    started a topic more hi temp Q&A

    more hi temp Q&A

    Hey folks, I could really use some solid answers from you pros out there reguarding high temp ceramic chrome. Do you really need to vibratory polish your pieces to get that super high shine? Would you be able to use your large blast cabinent and at a lo PSI hit it with glass bead (or other Media) and achive same result? The problem being headers and such, a vibratory polisher that size just isnt in the budget. and lastly what is the most reflectivity you can achive (if done right) Compaired to chrome finish 85% 90% 99%. thanks in advance .........................John