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Couple questions... (candy, hi-temp)

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  • jtagger19
    coat the chrome
    cure for 15 minutes
    let cool to 150 deg
    coat the candy orange
    full cure

    techlines are applied with HVLP gun they are not powder , you spray them on. and let them air cure for 4-5 days

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  • epix
    started a topic Couple questions... (candy, hi-temp)

    Couple questions... (candy, hi-temp)

    I am currently rebuilding the engine in my car and while at it I decided I might aswell detail the engine.

    I've powdercoated single coats in the past using a hobby powder gun along with a homemade oven heated by propane.

    1. I plan on doing parts of it in candy orange (tropic orange).. what is the full process for doing this? I know I lay down the chrome first, then the candy, but what is the actual steps for best results? (anyone have pics of their candy orange applications?)

    2. Also, I want to put the Techline Hi-Temp Black Satin on my exhaust manifolds, exhaust crossover, and downpipe.. does the black satin need a seperate gun to be applied?