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Straining set ups?

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  • Straining set ups?

    What kind of powder cleaning setups do you people have, I've been having trouble with little hairs? in my powder, and I bought some small screen, but its extremely difficult to sift. Any suggestions? I was thinking of putting a finer screen on a flour sifter.


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    Little hairs? Where did you get the powder? What color and texture is it?
    Are they actually hair or fine slivers of what appears to be powder? Do you see them when only spraying or in the gun cup too?

    Answer these and we can help but you should never have to strain virgin powder.At the most you might have to stir or shake powder to loosen clumps but never strain.


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      Re: Straining set ups?

      Like Dale said "Where are you getting your powder? Are you haviong this issue with virgin powder or powder you have reclaimed?


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        back when I first started I had a similar problem
        and I found out that these little hairs where left by the cloth I was ussing to clean the parts not the powder ,I changed the cloth and haven't seen them since
        if this is your case
        you can use a torch to burn them before coating the parts
        just and idea based on my experience.


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          Its virgin chrome powder from caswell, I can see them in powder itself, it looks like little extremely thin slivers of plastic. they do show up on the finished product also.