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PC'ing an entire Toyota FJ40 Body.....Help

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  • PC'ing an entire Toyota FJ40 Body.....Help

    Despite all of my efforts, I cannot find any sites where someone has at least tried to PC an entire auto body. I see where BMW is using a low cure PC clear coat, but that's it.
    This is a restored 1967 off-road vehicle;
    I'm not looking for a show-quality finish. Durability is more important than wax-ability.

    The body is sans paint and anything other than metal.
    I have plenty of plaques.
    It would actually be cheaper than a 2-part urethane liquid paint.

    I'm not too worried about warpage because the steel is well supported.
    I have removed all of the rust and there is no filler on it.
    Any filling will be done with Lab Metal.

    Any links, suggestions, thoughts, money....would be appreciated.

    Here is a link of the color that I am going for.....Mustard

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    Provided you have the space and equipment to do the job then you should have no problem. If you are worried about warpage simply let it cool slowly and it shouldn't warp much if any.Several auto manufacturers have gone to powder coating as a primer.However these are virgin bodies on an automated line, heck anyone can do that.They don't have 37 years of use and abuse to deal with.

    This is a massive project and I hope you get through it.I would love to see the finished project.Please keep us informed along the way so we can enjoy your progress.Oh and take lots of photos please


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      I will definitely take plenty of pictures.
      Hopefully they will consist of a good looking truck and not a smoldering garage.
      Thanks for the response.