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  • happy aussie customer

    Hi there,
    I have recently just bought a Hobby PC kit off the Australian Distributor. I will be using this kit in my bussines alot untill i can build up the capatail and customer base to purchase the caswell "big daddy" kit.

    I am very happy with the level of service that Paul Davis (the australian distributor) has given me. My only problem is that Paul is not totally setup yet (so im lead to beleave) and does not keep a lot of stock. As im starting a business myself, i can totally understand his position.

    Now i dont have any problem with getting him to order things from america and waiting for those supplys/eqipment needed to arrive in australia. what i do need to know, would you guys know of any other australian supplier of different colours. i would prefer to use caswell products but there will be times, due to time issues, i will need to look elsewhere..

    I beleave i will only have to do this untill the australian Caswell distributor/or myself builds up enough stock of different colours.

    I look forward to dealing with caswell and its fourm members, i will be on here alot!


    Grant Reynolds
    The Next Step Automotive Design
    1/22 Bailey Crescent
    Southport Queensland
    The Next Step Automotive Design

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    Welcome to the forum Grant !!!
    Pro-Tech Powder Coating
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    [email protected]
    Gold Beach,Oregon