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  • Oven Wiring

    I know this has been beat to death. I just want to ask if someone can email me a wiring diagram. I will be gutting an old oven for the controlls. Will be doing 4 elements. I will be upgrading my outlet to 50 amp circut. please email to [email protected] (remove the nospam.)

    Also I am planning a 4'D x 3'W x 6'H inside dimensions, will 2 on each side be the best placement. I also plan on using just Vents on the bottom and top for air flow.

    thanks a lot guys.

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    OK no one sent me anything but I found this in the album. Would this work the same with 3 or 4 elements? also what does the n/o mean in the drawing?


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      That would work provided the contactor is rated high enough to carry the current for 4 elements. The N/O means normally open and looks to be a regular on and off switch.

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