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Does the humidity cause problems?

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  • Does the humidity cause problems?

    Good morning everyone, I'm new to power coating, have just been playing with it for a few weeks. Was wondering if the weather has anything to do with how the finished products come out. Iam here on the east coast and its been raining pretty much lately and Ive experienced alot of trouble with orange peel. What have your experiences been with the weather conditions and power coating?

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    it will effect pcing big time. Im on the west coast in oregon and the prob i have when the rains set in is the powder seems to get heavy . I just crank up the heat in the shop a few hours befor i start and pray...I keep my powders in a dry box an old refrigerator with a 25 watt light bulb in it and it keeps the temp inside around 65f. I noticed that if I leave the powder out all night it tends to clump up.
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      Tha Humid South

      Well, living down here in Tennessee, I make it a general practice to always pour my powders into the gun cup through a flour sifter, and use it to crank out the lumps. Simple, cheap, and it seems to help some. Not a complete cure for humidity, but every bit helps.