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Caswell Powder Coating System Wiring

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  • Caswell Powder Coating System Wiring

    I recently puchased one of the Caswell Powder Coating Guns, and noticed that the power supply does not have a plug on it. I'm assuming they did this to allow for 115V or 230V user preference. I'm going to use it with 115V, and have a plug to install on it. The wire colors are a bit odd though -- (1) green/yellow, (1) brown, (1) blue. I'm assuming the green/yellow is my ground, but am not sure which is my +/- on the brown and blue wires. Anybody know for sure Thanks!!!


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    If you received a unit without a plug, then you inadvertently were sent a 240V unit. Our supplier mixed up the 240V and 110V units on the same skid, without telling us We just noticed this last week, and are now checking each one, but we had no no way of knowing who got the wrong units.

    Please send your order/invoice details to us using the Contact Us links at the bottom of our homepage, and we'll get the correct unit out to you ASAP.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
    Need Support? Visit our online support section at


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      Originally posted by caswell
      but we had no know of knowing who got the wrong units.
      NO, you did not send the wrong unit, He just lives on the wrong side of the pond see, not your fault! hahahaha

      this is another example of the terrible support we love so much! that is why I will only use Caswell Powders.


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        OK........I filled-out a problem report on you PRS.

        I'm use to these types of problems. I buy a lot of aftermarket automotive parts, so you can imagine the problems I deal with such as guaranteed fitment, 1-week delivery, plug & play, no wiring required.......and the list goes on!!! Usually they send me something free for my hardships, after their 3-4 attempts to get it right.

        Hey bout some free powders for the trouble.........ahhh?? Maybe some low-gloss black LOL.