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which chrome??

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  • which chrome??

    i would think that the super chrome would look more like the real thing, but from the sample pics the near chrome actually looks closer. do any of you guys know which one looks better?? thanks.

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    super chrome looks better and dull less once clear coated .
    the picture of the near chrome is not clear coated and the super chrome is .


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      ok thanks for the replay. so what is the final verdict on the best proceedures on the chrome?? i have read that u apply the clear when cool, i have heard to apply it at 140-160 degrees, i have read to let the chrome cool slowly, and i even read that you take it out of the oven and put in the fridge!!!! just trying to figure out which works the best.


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        it's goign to dull anyway no matter what you try.
        I have tried numerous clears
        from laquers to enamels to ceramics
        it will dull
        the best results I have seen is to clear powdercoat it at 160-170 deg