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Using Clear PC to Protect polishng

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  • Using Clear PC to Protect polishng

    Hi There,
    I have been approched by and engineering/fabrication shop that I do a bit of work for about protecting polished parts from scratches.

    I was wondering if this could be done with a Clear powder coat and i was also wondering how well would the PC stick the the polished part.

    These parts are going to be Mass Produced for some large chain stores and we are worryed about the parts scratching during freight/installation.

    so would Clear PC for polished parts work and would it affect the appearence of them much?


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    I have PC'd Polished Aluminum parts and they come out great. Minimum prep work is needed. Just clean off and then shot them.


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      I too, have sprayed clear over polished parts, and even over fleshly zinc plated parts where I wanted to keep the luster. Also sprayed clear over an intake manifold and water pump that had been tumbled overnight.


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        Re: Using Clear PC to Protect polishng

        I have done allot of items that had been polished. I just did a dozen oval brass sailboat window frames. The customer was sick of polishing them every week only to have them oxidize again & again. The brass did darken a little when cured.
        Just make sure you use a pre paint prep to clean off any old wax or polish.
        Good Luck