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Screwed up good on this one!!!

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  • Screwed up good on this one!!!

    I did a real bright move tonight with this one... I stripped the paint off my expansion tank, bead blasted it clean and laid down a nice coat of powder... After about 10 mins in the oven, I heard a thunk. I knew in a heartbeat what it was I thought the soldier would be able to withstand the heat... Guess not Now I get to strip it completely and send out to a radiator shop for repair and testing... too bad it looks like a million bucks!
    My money says it will now leak like a b!tch!!!

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    oh that had to hurt......

    you can use a expoxy to repair it ...


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      I'm with custom on this one, there are epoxies that you can use that are superior to soldering. If I were you I'd take a look around. Avoid ruining that nice PC job.


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        HEHE I sorta did the same thing, was doing a T-stat housing and after about 10 min I hear a dull pop and then a bang. I look in the ovewr and the temp sender exploded. hehehe


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          Sun's gotta shine on a dogs butt sometimes... After the part cooled and cured.. I stuck the top back on and lit the torch. I was able to flow soldier back into the joint! I leak tested it and all is well.. Got luck I think


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            i use a high melt temp silver solder. takes more than a powder coat oven to melt it. if i remember it is around 800f
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              Man I love that avitar.... Where can I get high temp soldier?? auto store or plumbing store?