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  • translucent question

    have any of you guys done a clear coat over a translucent color to give it added protection?? i am going to be doing some atv parts and need all the chip protection i can get.

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    I tried it when I first started powder coating with the H.F hobby gun, I waited till the base turned gel and smooth, let it cool down to 180 then shot then next color waited till that went smooth and wet. Let the part fully cool down, wash with fresh water, air dryed then with a fresh ground shot the clear and placed the part in the oven at 350 for 30 mins which allowed it to flow out real smooth since adding 3 coats would give a thick texture such as orange peel. Basically when doing any 2-3 stage coatings, do a half cure on the base, secondary coat. Top of last coat should be allowed to flow out and go full cure.

    I personally do not use clear over trans colors unless using special effects additives to the clear top coating. =Trans or candy colors are just colored clears and do not require a clear top coat.

    If you want chip protection, make sure you fully cure your parts that are coated. Also make sure you use an good blast media like slag aka Black magnum etc..which would give a better suface for the powder to grab over a smooth glass beaded finish.