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Newb has Q's: Anyone here actually use the STARTER KIT?!?

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  • Newb has Q's: Anyone here actually use the STARTER KIT?!?

    I am so close to buying the starter kit, I have access to sand blasting and an electrical house oven. Can I get good results with caswell's starter kit?? I will be coating common car parts, nothing to big. Anyone personal experiences with this kit?

    Thanks guys, love the site

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    I guess many in here use the gun supplied in the kit, and for me its works great, if you cant get good result with it the gun is not to be blamed. I use it for all kinds of parts, and other than a cable break, my own fault, the gun works flawless...
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      Other guns?

      I see other guns on ebay for half the price, they seem to be comparable. Any major differences??


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        I'd love to see some pictures of parts coated with the starter kit. LMK

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          Look up and hit the Album at the top


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            I have one of caswell's hobby gun's and have no complients what so ever with it. Theres times i'll choose to use that over the pro gun. Here's a pic that was done using the caswell starter gun.


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              Hey, nice pics. I finally ordered my gun and some powder last nite. I am still looking for some prep stuff, like plugs and tape.

              i am about to get a sand blasting cabinet. Sounds like a lot of fun, it also sounds like it could give a good headache too!! Hopefully not though.

              anyone know if clear coat is suppose to go over a particular type of powder?


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                I have the starter kit and it works great. Can anyone tell me how to clean it like when you need to put another color threw it. thanks


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                  Ya, I can not wait to get my kit. Well, I can wait a little, I just bought a sand blasting kit from Harbor freight so I need to play around with that first. Picked up 25lb of glass bead.

                  Anyone know if you need to degrease before sandblasting I would think you dont have to.

                  How do you go about reclaiming? Is contamination an issue??


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                    you should really do yourself a favor and take the time to read and then re-read the tips and tricks topic, or do a search for something your interested in, you will more than likely find your answer faster than waiting for someone to post back at ya. and YES degrease befor you blast.
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                      Believe it or not, I have done significant reading/searches. Most threads are not directly for the novice. Furthermore, I have found nothing that takes the home hobbyist through an on the budget step by step procedure.

                      If you know I could find a reference to do these things:

                      -reclaiming powder without an expensive both
                      -when and how to ground the piece(curing/sparying/both?


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                        I have reclaimed powder using just a large piece of newspaper under the part I am coating. then I just fold it up and funnel it back into the container. Even at that, I seldom will reclaim anything. Not much to reclaim. I am doing lots of small parts and low pressure, not much overspray. Powder is cheap anyhow.


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                          I never really thought of minimizing over spray with low psi. nice point.


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                            the kit works good. but the compressor was pretty pricey. i only got it because i wanted to be sure everything will work. seems like you can get a compressor at most other hardware stores that has a 2 gallon tank and puts out up to 80 psi with a regulator on it for about $70.


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                              I have the hobby gun, and I have yet to be disappointed with the results, other than my own fault of not following guidlines.

                              I have coated several small parts, (atv suspension, motorcycle calipers etc) with great results. Caswell powder is a great product. For example I recently bought a lb of near chrome and when I opened the can, it looked as if it were wet and was floating, meaning this stuff is screened so well its like colored air.

                              If you are upset with the results from the hobby gun, I would say you are not doing something right whether it is pre-heat, bake etc. Read, read and read again, all of the posts on this site, the more you know prior to doing your first coating the better off you are. These guys seem to have learned alot of stuff by trial and error, and they have taken the time to post their success' and or failures.
                              just my 2 cents