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    I have a Gruenburg 8x4x6 oven that was set up to run on 3phase electric, what is the best way and how to convert it over to run on single phase with a required 50 amp servicei

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    If your oven has an element(s) like an electric kitchen range, it won't matter if you run it single or multi-phase. It operates the same. Most commercial buildings only have 120/208v available. This means all the equipment used must be able to run off either 120 or 208. Look for a tag that says what the voltage requirements are. Most likely it'll say a range like 206-250v. If that's the case, put a double-pull breaker in and wire up a dryer plug so it runs off 240v. There's most likely a wiring schematic inside the electrical box attached to your oven. Read what the amperage requirements are as well to be sure you size your breaker sufficiently. Use amps = watts / volts. E-mail me if you need more info.


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      The service is giving me 80amps from the box, the oven will draw about 68amps, so basically 70amps will be needed, wired 230vac with 4 elements 2500kilowats each plus controll etc..

      I wired it up today and had a voltage drop that got the oven running at or around 204vac, so I got it wired up with a new transformer to stabilize the voltage at plus or minus 10 percent of 230vac, see what happens tomorrow, I need to get a new semiconductor contactor with heatsink (2pole) with at least 70amps because the 3 phase 50amp is toast.