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  • metal prep question

    I am going to powder coat some of my 4 wheeler part (racks, rims and front bumper) Do I have to sand blast all the way down to bare metal or can I just ruffen up the existing paint. Some of this factory stuff is extremely hard to blast off. Thanks guys

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    If it were me I'd take it down to the bare metal. I would also use a phosphate treatment or similar on it before I PC the parts. I know it's tough to get the old paint off but you'll end up with much better job that way. Caswells has some pretty good strippers you might think about using as well. Strip it first then blast it, and use a pretreatment to further protect the metal.


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      I did some headers last week and the person blasting them left a little red paint in some areas and it blead through the yellow powder now I need to redo them.