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Screening recovered powder?

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  • Screening recovered powder?

    Where can I purchase screens to clean up recovered powder?

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    Usually, unless you are spraying ALOT of powder, reclaiming is not worth the effort in a hobby setup. Just my opinion.

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      I agree, the risk of getting contaminated powder on the parts isnt worth it, too much time to get them cleaned to start over. I know it feels hard to throw as much as we actually do, but powder aint that expensive, time to do it over again due to a faulty result is.
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        Reclaimed powder is ok .. but why? to get the best results use fresh.

        I got a rule when i shoot:
        what go through the gun got to the trash what i have not shot i put on the shelf for 4 months then i trash it to ...

        i scrape it in to a pile then on a sheet of paper a and i dump it in a bucket ..

        But if you need to screen it .. mesh from a silk screen(t-shirt printers) will work ... just remeber to blow it out with air good

        Good luck


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          Thanks guys.


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            I use automotive paint strainers.....But you guys are probably's not worth the effort.


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              Yes, I have used them too.

              For me it is worth while, all I use is black. I have a 1/2 gallon that needs screened or I can just throw it away.

              If I can find the screens, I'll make a multi-tier strainer that screens the powder finer and finer as it goes threw the filtering container.
              Load it in the top and shake, when it reaches the bottom of the container it's ready to shoot.