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    I am completely new to this and have been reading posts for a couple days now. A few questions/conerns I have...

    Now, remember this is for my own personal use and for the most part small parts.

    I have a electric stove/oven to use for this and only this.

    I have a small compressor, like 2 gallon tank. And I also have my 220v 60 gallon compressor, but I dont have it hooked up yet, since after the move, I no longer have a barn to put it in. But that will change soon. I was thinking of temporarily wiring/plumbing it outside and runny the hose inside to use for powder coating. Or will the tiny 120v 2 gallon work?
    I am thinking of going with the larger compressor so I can sand blast also.

    Can I use pretty much anything box type deal to do the spraying in? Even cheap wood or cardboard?

    As far as the oven goes.... how much fumes are given off? I will be doing this in my basement if plans all go well. At least for a year or so until I can get the barn all situated.

    I plan on doing motorcycle and car parts for the most part.

    I think this will get me started on stuff I was wondering on. I am sure more will come. Thanks.

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    Well, there are better experts at this here than me, but let me chime in first. Your small compressor will work fine, just be sure and use a good filter to keep dust and moisture out of the gun.

    A cardboard box can work and is a good way to see what you might want to evolve to as a spray booth.

    The curing process will give off some pretty noxious fumes, you definitely will want to vent the basement outside when curing. A small kitchen range hood over the oven should work.

    I built my spray booth to sit on top of the oven with a exhaust fan in the top of it that is vented to the outside. I need to get pictures put up some day.


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      Hmmm... venting the oven. Going to have to figure that one out.


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        Originally posted by mtnbiker
        Hmmm... venting the oven. Going to have to figure that one out.
        the oven has a built in vent under one of the burner's i ran a lenght of flex pipe to a dryer vent to vent it out.. or just cure and open a door or window to let the fresh air in