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Looking for info on an unidentified powder

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  • Looking for info on an unidentified powder

    I recently came across a part that had been coated with a black powder. The strange bit of it is, the powder coating literally feels like rubber. I do not quite know what this is stuff is, but its new to me and I've been in this business for almost fifteen years. The rep who brought the part in said it was done with an asian powder of some sort and not even he could get his hands on the stuff.

    If anyone knows what this stuff is or where to get it, let me know!

    Another detail, the rubber coating appears to be layered on top of a flat black powder. Perhaps it was sprayed or dipped on in the same manner one would use for clear coating?

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    It sounds to me like it might be a poly coating...


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      yep, sounds like poly coating.