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  • Shops and Buildings???

    Does anyone have any info on big automotive shops? Sorry this isn't really PC related but in a way it is. I wan't to just price and see how much it would be for a complete building with AT LEAST 4 or 5 garage bays for cars, a tall roof to put full car lifts in and then I can put up walls for seperate rooms like a spray booth room for PC and oven, a Spray booth to paint cars with down draft then the main room with lifts, etc. I wen't to a guys house in TN with a friend and this guy had one of those huge metal buildings and he made props and things of that sort for movies, etc and it had a small office, some work stations, upstairs (for storage) then put a full ventilation system in the ceiling and it would literally pick up dirt off the floor, etc. Where can I get one of these kinds of buildings, etc?
    Any info on shops, building one, prices, how to save money on them, etc would be great. I do not know when I will ever get my own shop but I was thinking of having my parents helping me out a bit and getting a loan, etc in about 3 years and start saving with the money I get from powder coating and my job.
    Thanks a lot for any info and sorry that I asked so many questions. I know I am thinking way over my head right now I just want some estimated prices and info to know what I will have myself working towards if you know what I mean.


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    your right this has nothing to do with pc. call a builder every area is different
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      Do a Google search for 'pole buildings' or 'metal buildings' could probably get a basic 40'x60' for about $20,000......


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        Wkillgs, thanks for the info man! I found a site just for shops and garages with a forum on it so I will look on there and see what those people can suggest for me.