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  • Warping Aluminum Auto Parts)

    I have done a couple of searches on this subject and understand the ramifications of PCing Aluminum of certain types. So you don't necessarily have to address that portion of this post. My question is specifically about auto parts. I would like to hear from anybody who has specifically done their research &/or had experience with this. I would like to PC some aluminum wheels and brake drums. Some people have me scared to do this for fear of warping.



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    Re: Warping Aluminum Auto Parts)

    Hey Joe:
    I have done a TON of Alum. Wheels. I always pre bake them at 550F to get them to outgas. Then I powder & cure at roughly 400F. Never had a problem with warping.
    Brake drums & discs. same thing, & never a problem.
    Good Luck!


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      Heck this whole block and heads are Alum...

      Jim S...
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        jim looks like the only problem your having with the aluminum coating is the powder is changing into lavendar? just kidding looks good. why that color, whats the car color it's gone into.
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          The engine belongs in a 97 Ford Probe GT, color Black. The color change is due to digital camera and me not doing a color correction.Correct color is Purple (light ) . The image shown is only just the block no internal parts. Now it's 90% rebuilt.
          Running 30 over bore with 10:1 Compression a Turbo running about 7.5 pounds of boost, will be turned up to about 12 when engine is broken in. Forged piston, cast crank, Titanium connecting rods and just think this is my wifes play toy or should I say daily driver... :-0 .... I have a 68 Mustang that I'm working on also, pictures to follow... Hold on to your hats... lol... or maybe I'll finish the 91 Saturn with dual Turbos first... To many toys...

          Jim S...
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